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Pioneering exploration has been in our DNA since 1936, when Suunto founder Tuomas Vohlonen invented a way to produce more accurate compasses for his orienteering adventures.

Over the years we have stood on the highest mountains and explored the deepest oceans. We have pushed limits. We have enabled people to turn their adventure dreams into reality.

But adventures aren't only about pushing one’s physical limits in far away places. The search for adventure is really a mindset that all of us share. It’s about new experiences. Big and small. It’s about just getting out there regardless of the size of the challenge.

Come join us for a life of adventure.

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July 2019

The long run is a central component of any endurance athlete’s training program. Learn why, how to do it right and how to get the full benefits of this essential part of endurance training.

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New Compact Suunto 5 GPS Sports Watch Ready For Performance

New Compact Suunto 5 GPS Sports Watch Ready For Performance - Designed for pure performance, the durable Suunto 5 offers long battery life and a host of functions in a slim and comfortable body.

Limited edition Suunto 9 celebrates world’s toughest adventure race

Each limited edition watch highlights a kilometer of the Red Bull X-Alps, an 1138 km race without comparison.

Suunto launches a new easy-to-read dive computer for recreational scuba and freedivers

The watch-sized Suunto D5 is the first Suunto app compatible dive computer with exchangeable straps

Suunto Welcomes Companies to join its Partner Program, a Digital Ecosystem for Sports and Active Life

Suunto is offering a holistic user experience for consumers by partnering with the world’s leading sports and outdoor services.

Suunto and TrainingPeaks join forces to help athletes to reach their goals

TrainingPeaks is now available for Suunto users via Suunto app.

Suunto and Strava deepen partnership

All Suunto sports watches are compatible with Strava. Strava breaks down data from your watch to deliver deep performance analytics. Share your activities, so your friends and followers can comment and give you kudos. Find your fellow Suunto users in Strava’s Suunto Club and compete with a global community.

How to track activity and recovery with Suunto 3 Fitness

Training alone won’t make you healthy and fit. You also need enough rest to recover. Learn how Suunto 3 Fitness can help you track your daily activity levels and your sleep.


How to use Suunto 3 Fitness adaptive training guidance

Exercising with Suunto 3 Fitness is easy. Based on your personal profile and recorded exercises, the watch creates a 7-day training plan with optimal duration and intensity for each exercise to maintain, improve or boost your aerobic fitness. Read on and learn how to use adaptive training guidance.


Getting started with Suunto 3 Fitness

Got a new Suunto 3 Fitness? Here’s what you’ll need to know to get started smoothly and effectively with your new watch.


How to use Suunto Spartan's heart rate zones

Using intensity zones for exercising helps guide your fitness development. Each intensity zone stresses your body in different ways, leading to different effects on your physical fitness. Read on to learn more about using heart rate zones with Suunto Spartan watches.


How to navigate with Suunto Spartan GPS watches

Suunto Spartan GPS watches are powerful tools for navigation whether you are following a pre-planned route, heading to a Point of interest or simply wanting to find back to where you came from. Learn more and build confidence in exploring something new.


How to navigate to a POI with Suunto Spartan GPS watches

Want to see that beautiful vista again or be sure you can get back to your car? Save it as a Point of interest (POI) to find it easier. With your Suunto Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport you can navigate to any POI that is in your watch POI list. You can either create POIs in Suunto Movescount and sync them to your watch, or save locations as POIs on your watch as you go. 


The Lowdown: CMAS 4th Outdoor Freediving World Championships 2019

Over the course of the next five days freediving fans around the globe can watch the record-breaking battles among the world’s most talented freedivers pushing the limits beyond what was once thought impossible for the human body to do. 


Becoming a mother and staying in love with the mountains

Mountain running world champion Emelie Forsberg gave birth to her daughter Maj in March and in our new short film shares how she is finding her legs again as a world class athlete.


Watch Norseman extreme triathlon live!

The 2019 edition of Isklar Norseman will take place on Saturday, August 3. Watch the race live here on!


Is Isklar Norseman the hardest triathlon on the planet?

On Saturday August 3 at 5 AM (CET) the 17th edition of Isklar Norseman Xtreme triathlon begins when 250 athletes from all over the world jump off the ferry in Hardangerfjorden. Learn about this epic race's beginnings from the guy who started it all: Isklar Norseman founder Hårek Stranheim.


5 inspiring coral reef restoration projects

Plucky divers, scientists and ocean conservationists are doing all they can to save coral reefs from the effects of the climate crisis, overfishing and pollution. Here are five inspiring restoration projects to give you hope.


Ryan Sandes’s new 13 Peaks Challenge and the joy of backyard adventure

Ultra running champ Ryan Sandes showcases his home training trails in stunning Cape Town, South Africa by creating a challenging new adventure route.


Team Suunto

Our ambassadors

Emelie Forsberg

Skyrunning world champion, mountain lover, gardener and local food enthusiast

Kilian Jornet

Mountain athlete extraordinaire, world champion ski mountaineer and trail runner

Jill Heinerth

Cave diver, underwater explorer, film-maker and dynamic water advocate and educator

Greg Hill

Record-breaking ski mountaineer exploring sustainable adventure and new ways to enjoy the outdoors

Ryan Sandes

Trail running champion racing everywhere, from vast deserts, to the classic 100 milers, and across the Himalayas

Melissa Hauschildt

Indefatigable Ironman champion scooping up a list of first place finishes across the world

William Trubridge

World-renowned freediver, and the first and only person to break the 100 m barrier unassisted

Ida Nilsson

Long-distance trail runner, 3-time winner of the Transvulcania

Mauricio Mendez

The youngest XTERRA World Champion, multiple XTERRA and Ironman 70.3 winner who lives for adventure


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